Index: Tantric homilies, Year B – poetic

Tantric homilies, Year B – poetic




The purposes of God

B, Advent 1                            Jesus returns

B, Advent 1                            Jesus is Lord

Prolegomena of the Incarnation

B, Advent 2                            Christ and the Angels

B, Advent 2                            Jesus the Messiah

B, Advent 3                            John recognizes Jesus.

B, Advent 3                            John and Jesus

Impetus to the Incarnation

B, Advent 4                            “The … Spirit will … cover you”

B, Advent 4                            Mary the Virgin



B, Christmas, Midnight         “For us”

B, Christmas, Dawn              Jesus’ consciousness

B, Christmas, Day                  –

Role of Mary

B, Mary, Mother of God         –


B, Epiphany                           The Temple




B, Lent 1                                 –


B, Lent 2                                 Jesus the Man

B, Lent 2                                 Jesus the Lamb


B, Lent 3                                 Jesus exorcises

B, Lent 3                                 Jesus restores

B, Lent 4                                 Jesus regenerates

B, Lent 4                                 Jesus redeems

The impetus to the Passion

B, Lent 5                                 Jesus’ compassion

B, Lent 5                                Jesus’ sacrifice

The Centre of Time

B, Passion Sunday                 The flesh

B, Holy Thursday                   The blood

B, Good Friday                       –

B, Easter Vigil                         –



Acts of the Risen Christ

In signs

B, Easter Sunday                   –

In appearances

B, Easter 2                              Jesus the Victim

In the Church

B, Easter 3                             Witness

B, Easter 3                             Theology


B, Easter 4                              –

The Vine

B, Easter 5                              –

B, Easter 6                              Fidelity


B, Ascension                           Jesus withdraws

B, Ascension                          Jesus abides


B, Pentecost                           Wisdom

B, Pentecost                           Charisms



B, Trinity Sunday                  –

B, Corpus Christi                   “Do this in memory of me”

B, Corpus Christi                   maranatha, ‘Come Lord Jesus’




B, Baptism of the Lord                    –

A1        Son of Man in his body

B, Sunday 2-5                                    –

B1        Healing the body

B, Sunday 6-7                                    –

B1.2      The embodiment of institutions

B, Sunday 8-10                      –

C1        The Body of Christ

B, Sunday 11                                     Gestation

B, Sunday 11                                      Natural

B, Sunday 12                                    Jesus is the prototype

B, Sunday 12                                     Jesus contains all

B, Sunday 13                                    Jesus is medicine

B, Sunday 13                                     Encouragement

B, Sunday 14                                    Jesus is transcendent

B, Sunday 14                                    Jesus is sacred

B, Sunday 15                                     –

B, Sunday 16                                     Exaltation

B, Sunday 16                                    Transformation

C2        The Eucharistic body of Christ

B, Sunday 17-21                               –

B2.1          Healing the mind

B, Sunday 22-23                               –

X1       Foundations of morality

B, Sunday 24                                     Commitment

B, Sunday 24                                     Fear

B2.2      The body produces the world to come

B, Sunday 25-28                   –

X2        Foundations of morality

B, Sunday 29-            31                   –

A2             Eschaton: One Body

B, Sunday 32 – Christ the King         –

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Rev. Dr. John Dupuche is a Roman Catholic Priest, a senior lecturer at MCD University of Divinity, and Honorary Fellow at Australian Catholic University. His doctorate is in Sanskrit in the field of Kashmir Shaivism. He is chair of the Catholic Interfaith Committee of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and has established a pastoral relationship with the parishes of Lilydale and Healesville. He is the author of 'Abhinavagupta: the Kula Ritual as elaborated in chapter 29 of the Tantraloka', 2003; 'Jesus, the Mantra of God', 2005; 'Vers un tantra chrétien' in 2009; translated as 'Towards a Christian Tantra' in 2009. He has written many articles. He travels to India each year. He lives in an interfaith ashram.
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