Poetic homilies, Year A, Index




Purposes of God

A, Advent 1 a                         Fulfillment

A, Advent 1 b                         Creation


A, Advent 2 a                         In nature

A, Advent 2 b                         In mankind

A, Advent 3 a                         John restores

A, Advent 3 b                         John the Forerunner

Causes of the incarnation

A, Advent 4 a                         The sending

A, Advent 4 b                          Joseph



A, Christmas, Midnight         Pre-existence

A, Christmas, Dawn                “he came down from heaven”

A, Christmas, Day                  The Word was made flesh

Holy Family                            –

Role of Mary

Mother of God a                    Mary, the New Eve

Mother of God b                    Mary, the Virgin

Revelation and faith

A, Epiphany a                        Mystery

A, Epiphany b                        Theodicy



A, Lent 1 a                              Satan

A, Lent 1 b                              Evil


A, Lent 2 a                              Jesus the Son

A, Lent 2 b                              Jesus the Word


A, Lent 3 a                              Cleanses

A, Lent 3 b                              Slakes

A, Lent 4 a                              Heals

A, Lent 4 b                              Enlightens

The impetus to the Passion

A, Lent 5 a                              Obedience

A, Lent 5 b                              Atonement

Centre of Time

A, Passion Sunday                 Father of the Passion

A, Holy Thursday                   Betrayal

A, Good Friday                       Immolation

A, Easter Vigil                         Access to the Father


Acts of the rise Christ

In signs

A, Easter 1 b Testimonies

In appearances

A, Easter 2 a               Jesus is divine

A, Easter 2 b               Jesus lives

In Church

A, Easter 3 a               Liturgy

A, Easter 3 b               Fervour


A, Easter 4 a               Jesus the Call

A, Easter 4 b               Jesus the Teacher


A, Easter 5 a               The Trinity of Persons

A, Easter 5 b               Father, Son, Spirit in each other

A, Easter 6 a               The Spirit, from the Father

A, Easter 6 b              The Spirit, also from the Son


A, Ascension a            Jesus ascends

A, Ascension b            Jesus, at the right of the Father


A, Pentecost a           The People of God

A, Pentecost b            Confirmation


A, Trinity Sunday a   Godhead

A, Trinity Sunday b   Fatherhood

A, Corpus Christi a    Covenant

A, Corpus Christi b     Communion

SS Peter and Paul a     Primacy

SS Peter and Paul b      Infallibility



A, The baptism a       The God-man

A, The baptism b      Trinity

A, Sunday 2 a             Jesus the Truth

A, Sunday 2 b             Jesus the Communication

A1 The Christian

A, Sunday 3 a             Leave!

A, Sunday 3 b             Follow!

A, Sunday 4 a             Paradox

A, Sunday 4 b            Happiness

A, Sunday 5 a             Preserver

A, Sunday 5 b            Model

A, Sunday 6 a            Brotherhood

A, Sunday 6 b            Respect

A, Sunday 7 a             Citizen

A, Sunday 7 b            Integrity

A, Sunday 8-10          –

B1 Church

A, Sunday 11             –

A, Sunday 12 a          Apostolicity

A, Sunday 12 b          Magisterium

A, Sunday 13 a          Gathering

A, Sunday 13 b          One Church

A, Sunday 15 a          The world

A, Sunday 15 b          The laity

A, Sunday 16 a        History of the Church

A, Sunday 16 b          History of the Archdiocese

A, Sunday 17 a          The Dreaming

A, Sunday 17 b          The Word in all creation

C1 Jesus manifests himself

A, Sunday 18             In fruitfulness

A, Sunday 19 a          In harmony

A, Sunday 19 b          In evolution

A, Sunday 20 a          In the work of creation

A, Sunday 20 b         In the work of re-creation

A, Sunday 21 a          In faith

A, Sunday 21 b          In empowerment

A, Sunday 22 a          In mortality

A, Sunday 22 b          In life

D Parish                     A, Sunday 23-24       –

C2 Salvation history

            A, Sunday 25-27       –

    A, Sunday 28 a         The consummation

    A, Sunday 28 b         The end

B2 Society

A, Sunday 29 a          The State

A, Sunday 29 b          Liberty

A, Sunday 30 a          Commandments

A, Sunday 30 b          Love

A, Sunday 31 a          Reform

A, Sunday 31 b          The Kingdom

A2 The last things

A, Sunday 32 a          Death

A, Sunday 32 b          Obduracy

A, Sunday 33 a          General judgment

A, Sunday 33 b          Particular judgment

A, Christ King a          Hell

A, Christ King b         Heaven




About interfaithashram

Rev. Dr. John Dupuche is a Roman Catholic Priest, a senior lecturer at MCD University of Divinity, and Honorary Fellow at Australian Catholic University. His doctorate is in Sanskrit in the field of Kashmir Shaivism. He is chair of the Catholic Interfaith Committee of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and has established a pastoral relationship with the parishes of Lilydale and Healesville. He is the author of 'Abhinavagupta: the Kula Ritual as elaborated in chapter 29 of the Tantraloka', 2003; 'Jesus, the Mantra of God', 2005; 'Vers un tantra chrétien' in 2009; translated as 'Towards a Christian Tantra' in 2009. He has written many articles. He travels to India each year. He lives in an interfaith ashram.
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