Prelude to tantric poems of 2013

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On Saturday 19 January 2013 we went again today to see Suramishra.

Saumya has taken on the new name, Śunyānanda. He gave this translation of Acyuta’s reply:

“Acyuta bows down to Mahākālī -Mahāmāyā and answers your question. Whatever you are thinking in terms of remaining uninterruptedly connected with Kālī is natural. The bliss from this connection grips like honey and brings bliss to you. And that is why you want to be ever in Kālī consciousness. The person is asking how would he feel the abiding presence of Kālī beside him even when he is involved and engaged with the world and worldly people.

This much I can tell; know that I have explained it to you before. You are actually in the state of reaching Mantra Siddhi yoga in the past six months. When the body, mind, soul and consciousness absorb the mantra then only it results in realization of energy. This you are realizing during your meditation and you want to extend that experience.

The blessing of Śakti comes from will power and you have plenty of that. Moreover when the Ādiśakti accepts you as her own then only you will be able to feel her presence always. It takes around three years to reach this state. In three years an aspirant perfects his practice. The feeling and experience in the past three months will grow in proportion in coming months. You continue with your practice and effort. Śakti is pleased with you because of your persistence and commitment. You need to wait for one month 17 days from this day you will start getting special experiences, particularly after the day of Srī Panchami (Saraswatī Pūjā) when the three aspect of Ādiśakti, i.e. Mahākālī, Mahālaxmī, and Mahāsaraswatī become more manifest. And the awareness of that manifestation becomes permanent if you practice Nabarna Mantra which is OM AING HRING KLING CAMUṆḌAYAI BICHE. (Śunyānanda explains that Camuṇḍā is the origin of Kālī.) This mantra in the Kālika Sāstra bestows on the practitioner all Siddhis. In you, the Śakti has already made her presence. To make it stable and ever present recite Camuṇḍā mantra. With this also you do the repetition of Kālī mantra. Both of these will enable you to have frequent glimpses of Kālī. Acyuta orders this to you.”


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