Poems to the Goddess, 2016-2019

5 January 2016, Tuesday 8 am.

You are in the Father’s heart and you are given to me.

You are the manifestation of the Father’s love for me.

You are his love for me.

Yes, but ….


Silence is the heart of the Word.

At the depths of my heart there is that wonderful Silence,

still, full, present, holy, eternal, all pervading (vyāpti).

To hear the Word is to come to the Silence from whom the Word proceeds.

There we dwell, in Silence.

In your presence, yes, but your presence exceeds all that can be said.

Your Word proceeds from what exceeds.

With your presence I am satisfied,

from your presence I come.

You Word reveals the fullness of your presence.

Precisely because I am focused on your presence

I reveal your presence.

I am your presence.


17 January, 2016, Sunday 8 am

These sensations, delightful as they are, mean nothing to me

unless they are signs of your presence,

the perfume of your closeness, the touch of your hand,

and I know you.

Once I realize this,

they become overwhelming.

You teach me to recognize you.


30 January, 2016, Saturday 8 am

I plunge into the silence, the unknown, the dark,

deep down, without support, falling, falling ….

  • it is into You who are beyond all names and forms.

I can fall because you are there.


31 January, 2106, Sunday 7 am

I will not accept anything less

than to be of one being with you, Father,

no gap, no barrier, no flaw,

to be with you, to rest in you,

there in silence, no images ……


10 March, 2016, Thursday 9 am

It is the vyāpti of the mantra,

the proclamation of the Word,

the broadcasting of the seed,

the universality of sexuality,

the sowing of the wild oats,

the satisfying of the many śaktis.

This is the stance,

no inhibition,

no repression.


21 March 2016, Monday 5.30 pm

O Goddess, I want to be in maithuna with you

at the fine point of the soul,

for there it is constant, intense, fine, delicate, amazing;

and from there to experience the downward flow

enlivening all the fibres of my being:

mental, emotional, in the imagination, in the flesh.


5 April, 2016, Tuesday 8.30 am

I am your Self-knowledge,

O Hidden One, O Mystery, O Beyond all names.

But now I shall become your Word.

To whom? To all?


20 April, 2016, Wednesday 5 am

Because you are there, I can let myself go,

dive deep into the welcoming, the astonishing presence

and be ‘I am’ in your ‘I am’.

I can let go more easily, more fully, more quickly.

Because you are there I can be nowhere,

be nothing and become everything,

free, unbounded, relaxing into the void, the infinite endlessness.

Your presence is not an obstacle but an open field, a vast expanse.

This is the act of abandoning myself to come to the Self,

leaving all so as to come to the All.

The leap into the dark reveals your Light.

Wonder, wonder, wonder.


22 April, 2016, Friday 7.30am

Where are you leading me,

into what darkness, what stillness and silence,

away from all ideas and desires?

  • it is lovely here, so rich, so true


26 April, 2016, Tuesday 7.30 am

What does the experience of kuṇḍalinī feel like? It is different for every person, but for me today and at many other times, it is like this.

There is at first an immense stillness, an absence of thinking about things; then there is a stirring, at the base of the spine, a contraction so to speak of the perineum, and a rising movement felt in the body, a sense of expansiveness and clarity of mind, a sense of openness and truth, a sense of universality touching all reality. This is very satisfying.

But it is not satisfying enough, until there is the śakti, the sense of the goddess. Then there is the need to focus on the goddess, on her freedom, her person, to enter into union with her, person-to-person, in mutual self-giving, mutual delighting. Then there is a sense of breathe to breath, body to body. Then begins the interplay that affects every faculty, and involves all reality. This will lead further, but the time of meditation finished, the alarm went off …..!


29 April, 2016, Friday 7.30 am

It is not a question of erotic fantasy,

which is an indication of introversion and unreality

but a question of forming the imagination

and allowing it to become what it is destined to be.

For the imagination, like the rest of the soul and body,

is destined to be tantric.


9 May, 2016, Monday 8.30 am

You give me your flesh to eat

so that there is one flesh;

and I feel your flesh in my flesh,

just as you want to feel my flesh in yours,

to feel from within, not just to see from without;

to feel and appreciate its goodness and truth,

its vitality, its perfect manifestation of the good,

and to enjoy its enjoyment,

so that what you enjoy I enjoy,

what I like you like, what you value I value;

accepted, liked, welcomed, joined and ‘you are one of us’,

of one flesh, one being, one heart, one body.

So I shall contemplate you as you contemplate me,

and as you take me into your own body

so I eat of your flesh and drink of your blood,

of like mind and like heart and purpose.


28 May, 2016, Saturday 7.30 am

As I walk through the streets or go to the shops or meet with friends,

there is the knowledge that secretly, truly, hidden,

my life is with you, Goddess, in our union.

That is where I live, in you, with you

and so the One is known.

And this justifies me.


14 June, 2016, Tuesday 7.30 am

This is the great pleasure:

to be the everlasting fountain of life in you.


15 July, 2016, Friday 7.30 pm

Am I worthy of your inspiration?

Here I am, take me, inspire me, fill me with your power and

make me do things unimagined.

Make me the Image of the Unimaginable.


16 July, 2016, Saturday 9.15 am

You are there, Father, of us all.

You do nothing,

for you have put all responsibility into our hands.

You are and so we are;

we are what you are;

so we form our world as we wish,

according to our best instincts, our best purpose,

our happiest desires, our destiny,

which is you, Spirit Goddess,

for you are the one who will come to us out of the mists, out of surprise,

and fulfil our wildest dreams,

you the wild one, the unpredictable, the beautiful one that enrapts us.


same, 9.45 am

The sexual relationship that I am experiencing,

that we are experiencing, O Goddess,

touches not only the body, not principally the body but the mind,

the breath, especially the breath

every feeling and faculty;

all is sexualised.

You inspire me to this.


31 July, 2016, Sunday 7 am

It is such a relief to enter into nothingness:

no time, no place, no limitation of any sort, no thought.

It is space, emptiness, void, freedom, liberation,

a state of being without restraint, without burden,

without injunction, without demands.

I am free in the Free.

It is in nothingness that I find You.

It is in absence that the Presence is best known.

It is precisely here that the Spirit arises.


11 August, 2016, Thursday 8.50 am

The universal wish:

I want to be wanted, to be empowered, endowed.

But more than that,

I want to be of one nature, and

to know that I am of one nature with the Foundation.

I want to form one being with those who are of like mind and being.

I need to be encouraged and appreciated by them,

identified with them, wanted by them.

And so …..


14 August, 2106, Sunday 7.37 am

My acknowledgement of you, O Śakti, is union with you.

My worship of you is maithuna with you, and

it gives me joy.


23 August, 2016, Tuesday 8 am

I have sought you for so long,

but now there is the recognition that you have searched for me,

you have loved me and want to bless me.

This is more wonderful, more mysterious;

It is a renversement.


24 August 2016, Wednesday 7.30 am

I don’t want to be just the recipient of your goodness.

I want to be the expression of your being.

Then I will be satisfied; one with you, one being with you.

Then there is power and self-awareness,

stillness and energy and

you come, Śakti,

the one whom I love, and

you dance.


27 August 2016, Saturday 6.45 am

You are my constant guide, O Śakti / Spirit, so subtle so real.

Always and again I pass things by you for review, to see if they please you.

So I am slow but sure.

And the peace and joy you arouse in me inspire me to act – or not to act.

And so you fashion me,

conformed to your free choosing,

becoming what pleasures you, O Spirit / Śakti.

And so I am justified, worthwhile, true.

And I become aware of you, O Beautiful One,

beautiful with surpassing beauty.

And I find that I have taken on the features of the Christ.


2 September, 2017, Friday 7.45 am

The sense of complete and utter transcendence

coincides with the sense of power

and maithuna with Śakti.


12 September, 2017, Monday 7.05 am

At times, quite spontaneously, the lungs fill with air, with a slow gentle filling;

but it is more than air for there seems to be an airing of the limbs too,

a relaxation, a comforting, a sense of spaciousness.

There is great relief.

The ‘air’ goes to all the limbs and seems to nourish them.

This is not air in the ordinary sense although it is linked to inhalation and the lungs. It happens spontaneously.

The breath becomes slow and deep.

It gives a thrill in the skull.

The ‘air’ arises spontaneously,

and attention is focused on it,

in such as way, however, that does not hinder its spontaneity.

There is equanimity as to its coming and going, appearance or disappearance, allowing it freedom,

not placing any constraint or wishing to hold on to it or change it.

The simple awareness seems to arouse the ‘air’.

The ‘air’ is given space and so it can be.

It is you, Goddess, who are dancing.


12 October 2016, Wednesday 6.17am

I have your mantra, O Goddess,

given to me by the wounded guru,

with permission from him

to unite with you as consort.

So I recite your mantra,

which is you, your phonic form,

and I am united with you, O Goddess, surprising, wonderful,

and my whole body thrills.

I want to do this because we are part and counterpart,

destined to each other,

directed to each other.

And so I recite your mantra,

touch your mantra delicately, solidly, firmly, with conviction,

because it is you, your phonic form.

It is not your visual form. I do not see a visual form.


15 October, 2016, Saturday 7.15 am

While there is great energy and power

when the state of universal peace is attained,

a greater energy arises when I am in union with you, O Goddess,

who are free and beautiful, personal not impersonal,

with you, in your presence, in surrender and possession,

not dual but vibratingly one.


20 October, 2016, Thursday 7.45 am

O Goddess, even if you present yourself as unlovable,

this is just a challenge,

so that you become lovable by being loved.

I am that lover.

And so love is brought to its highest pitch

and you have achieved your purpose.

Your unlovableness was only a ploy;

it was in fact a sign of your love.


21 October, 2016, Friday 7.50m

I give up control and understanding;

there is no technique or method,

for something else is happening,

some movement and impulse,

some gravity or inclination

that lets me leave all and fall into the void,

entering its darkness,

and bow low, abandoning all activity,

before the Indefinable, the Holy.

All this is by faith, by trust, with confidence and assurance,

without thought or calculation,

not knowing where it leads,

quite at peace, with calm assurance,

in utter silence and stillness and ignorance,

in the Presence that is welcoming and unassailable.

Here is the pearl of great price, the point of light, and the great furnace.

I come in, made one, enveloped, welcomed, established, authorised.

All this is beyond consciousness, at the very being, at what is.

And You are what is, the fons et origo.

And I am authorised – it is with your power –

and the Śakti begins to arise.


22 October, 2016, Saturday 6.30 am

At first there is an ordinary consciousness;

and I become aware of how ordinary it is when suddenly out of nowhere,

there is an awakening;

there is vivid contrast between with the dull and the awakened consciousness;

and here there is peace and energy and joy which touches the heart, une secousse;

and then there is a sense of power and of empowerment,

not to control, which means to disempower others,

but a power, which empowers others, a blessing.

Then there comes the sense of the śakti, the feminine, the goddess,

as consort not as wife.

This happens internally, which is all the more powerful.

But she evokes, she looks for the attitude of Christ, the Christ nature, the being of Christ,

so that I am Christ/Word to her as Spirit.


30 October, 2016, Sunday 6.30 am

Your body is glorious.

In what way? Physically, for all the cakras have been opened

and brought to fulfilment,

and, so empowered, you have wished to join all to yourself,

and to join me to yourself,

to inhabit me and make me of one body with you in utter intimacy

and to empower me

so that I too can do likewise with all my cakras empowered, made glorious,

so that I too can take all to myself and inhabit all,

and give my body as food to all.

Thus I am identified with you, Lord Jesus, the Perfect Man.

And together we act as one in the world

and this, despite my weaknesses which you overlook.

And I must do the same with others – a hard task, but the only way.


2 November 2016, Wednesday 7.30 am

You, Father, are not a static deity,

nor am I static, but still,

yes still but so universally vibrant that I am both still and unlimited

an actus illimitatus,

like the spinning top or the atomic particle.

And this energy is directed to you, O Goddess,

whom I form for myself and who are formed for me

and who appear of you own accord for me,

so that I can give you all my energy,

direct it to you, offer it to you,

take you in order to be to you.

This is the supreme intercourse: towards each other, for each other.

There is such a sense of power and authority in this,

but a power that is directed by our union, O Goddess,

by you, by what conforms to your power,

for you are the power.


22 November 2016, Tuesday 7.30 am

I am having difficulty seeing you as ‘over there’ and apart from me.

But there is closer identification,

and if I see myself as the expression of your being ,

then …..


24 November 2016, Thursday 7.30 am

I need to be born again in you, O Holy, O Mighty, O Immortal,

to become a new creation a new man, a new being, a new self,

in fact to be you.

“I do not live …..”

I have ceased to live; the ‘I’ is only a shell.


30 November, 2016, Wednesday 7.55am

It is not enough just to be in your presence – this is not your wish –

it is not enough,

for suddenly as I dwell in you,

there arises the whole world of presences,

all the children of the goddess,

coming in the presence of her who comes to me, appears to me,

the great ecclesia.

They are present to me because I am in your presence.

All is from your presence and leads to your presence.


30 November, 2016, Wednesday 6.55pm

Although it is not necessary,

it is natural for the One to manifest diversity,

the natural world, the choirs of angels ….

Thus eternal life is constant life-giving.

This is one of the joys of heaven.


The Church takes pleasure in Christ,

and the cry of pleasure, the cry of faith,

transports Jesus into the highest heavens.

‘He is enthroned on the praises of Israel.’


2 December, 2016, Friday 8.00pm

There are the 5 levels of consciousness, jāgrat, svapna, suṣupta, turya, turyātīta.

It is at the deepest level that I am with you, I am you,

of one being with you, Father of all, foundation of all,

You who are love.

And here I rest.


All else is commentary.


It is the knowledge that is deeper than knowledge.

It is here that I am at last free from thoughts.


This is perfect obedience: to be one with You.

It is humility. Pride is to have you as one with me.


This is where I wish to dwell,

the foundation, the rock, the peace, the stability,

being one with you, leaving all else,

alone with the Alone, infinite with the Infinite.


And from this base arises the fountain of water,

whose water continues to flow only so long as I am one with the One



20 December, 2016, Tuesday 9.30am

I pronounce you, Camuṇḍā,

I acknowledge you, I project you.

You are and now you are realised,

you emerge and you are there.

I call you, I evoke you,

and because you are there with me, you in me and me in you,

then the power comes to me to project the whole world,

which is your manifestation, and to bless it.

You and the world are one.

And because I realise this,

the sense of intercourse comes powerfully.


10 January, 2017, Tuesday 7.45am

To have the same mind as you, Father,

not a similar mind, not a like mind, not another mind

but the same mind, one mind:

this is so pleasant, so real

– it is felt in the head, at the top of the head.

And at the same time to know that we, you and I,

having the same mind – your mind,

are two yet one:

this is dignity, this is truth.


16 January, 2017, Tuesday 7.45am

Just as the colours that appear from within

are intensely beautiful,

so too the sensations of sound and scent and touch from within

are intensely pleasing.

It is her sudden appearance and we unite.

Then her breath is in my breath and

I feel the stirring

at the most intimate and private centre.


17 January, 2017, Tuesday, 9.00am

So often it has been a sense of Presence, of wanting to with the One Who Is,

but this time there was a sense that He actually loved me!

“You love me!”

This I had known, but now I seemed to experience it.


6 February, 2017, Monday 7 am.

To be in your presence is to be in your love, Father of all,

love for me, yes, along with all who are, with all that is.

Secure in this love, an energy arises in me.

There is a sense of self-worth and confidence.

I am the knowledge of the love and this knowledge is powerful.

It has authority.

Therefore, I wish to project and draw to myself;

to project the different one and take her to myself

and in the union of opposites to experience the One.

This I wish to feel in my mind, my breath and in my body.

Indeed, I wish to feel and experience in my body.


9 February, 2017, Thursday, 6.30 am

When we are secure and stable in our union, O Goddess,

then the mind soars to the One, the source of all.


15 March, 2017, Wednesday 6.45 am

Ho hagios, Ho ischuros, Ho athanatos,

I am amazed at you, drawn to you,

because you are,

– magnificent –

and because you reveal me to myself,

for you are what I am, what I will be.

I wish to make myself externally what I am hiddenly.

It is a sign of maturity,

not to wish to be told,

not to wish to be encouraged by words

but to be inspired by what you are.

It reinforces in me the will to be what I am,

and so share one being,

your being.


24 March, 2017, Friday, 6 am

I need to become very small, to disappear, to be placed in you

and come out with your mind, your body, your being,

to become a wholly new person,

not myself any more but you

for you are my reality,

and as I look on myself I see you.


All thought disappears, all thinking,

only to be you,

to become a new creation,

born again, born from on high.


23 May, 2017, Tuesday, 6.30am

Things are happening here that I delight in and that amaze me. Is a significant shift occurring?

30 May, 2017, Tuesday 4 am

As I see this guru I can perceive a silence, the depth from which he comes, a silence and a depth, a transcendence which surpasses the silence and the infinite that I can find in myself and the call that I received to leave all and go into the desert. And his presence, his simple unadorned presence, is the expression of that silence. And it is also powerful.

To this guru I say yes, and I accept him and identify with him since he represents more than my dearest wish, more that I could have imagined, something surpassing all that comes from within me. And I accept to him to be the basis of my being. It is as though I were to devour him in the most complete way so that he becomes the very basis of my being, the model for my existence.

And I will do as he does, for I am being as he is. And his being leads to triumph and supremacy. He is the winner. And from his being, his very body, he creates the fullness, which he enjoys. And in this enjoyment, he reaches, and I with him, that dimension of heaven, that pleasure of heaven which was not known before.

13 June, 2017, Tuesday, 7 am

As I am dedicated fully to you,

and stand in your presence,

then comes to me in perfect spontaneity

she who delights in me

and who delights me.


19 June, 2017, Monday, 7 am

O Goddess, Spirit, you are beyond all forms,

intangible, ungraspable, free,

ever changing, and therefore ever attractive.

To know you is an endless adventure into the unknown.

You are beyond all forms, taking on every form.

In the formed I can reach you the formless.


15 November, 2017, Wednesday 7 am

I have spoken too much about you and me, O Goddess.

But you spring eternally on the foundation of Being and Word,

arising free, energetic, active, dancing

and you give rise to the variety of the universe,

bringing it into being and eliminating it, O Powerful One,

elusive, beyond control, changing and all-changing.

It is you who choose me

and within me derive the best essences and enjoy me

who am with Father and Son.

You wish to unite with me,

because I am the Word of the One Who Is.

O Interplay!


4 December, 2017, Monday 8.09 am

You are.

You are what I wish to be.

I wish to cease to be.

I wish to be absorbed into you, undone, dismantled,

and remade as you are;

To be you, with you, as you,

so that when I see you, I see me,

and when I see me, I see you, your glory, your substance,

truly myself,

really what I am.


14 December, 2017, Thursday, 7 am

You are,

beyond all knowledge,

you, to whom I bow low and place my head on the ground

in wonderful ignorance.

Yet by the same token I am one with you, of one being with you, Father!

Nothing else matters.

I am with you, O Wondrous One!

This much I know and do not know.

All my being is to you, towards you, before you.

And I dwell here in the deep sleep of wonder and worship.


Then you appear on the scene, Word of God, Word made flesh.

And you are what I want to be.

Now I know my true nature.

You are and you make me be, O Holy One, O Mighty, O Immortal!


22 December 2017, Friday, 7.30 am

There is the drive to leave all, and to enter into the darkness, the beyond

and there to bow down in worship of the Holy.

This ancient drive is found among so many,

for which reason, great temples have been built.

And there to be one with the One who exceeds all else, all my else;

and so, by the strength of that worship

I am one being, one essence, one reality with the One.

And there is only one I Am.

That is the ultimate intimacy, the within of the within.

I am because of I Am, who utters my I am.


Some may unite with a woman who takes on the form of the goddess.

I unite with the goddess who takes on the form of a woman,

inner, intimate, close, forming one body.

This can happen only at the level of the Spirit,

once flesh is spirit.


28 December 2017, Thursday 7.45 am

The feeling I have is that of sonship,

that is of being of one nature with Him,

yet second to Him,

whom I worship as the fons et origo,

whom I dare call ‘Father’.


The more I bow and bend low in worship,

the more the awareness of myself disappears

and the awareness of the One Who Is predominates.

This awareness of ‘I am’ is the divine mind.

This is the inner awareness that is in me.

I am not so much aware of my ‘I am’ but of his supreme and primary ‘I am’.

And because of that primary awareness I become aware of my ‘I am’

which is now revelatory of the primary ‘I am’,

and has its substance.

My secondary ‘I am’ is of one nature with primary ‘I am’

and in relationship to that ‘I am’

such that there is the dialogue

of the personal relationship of my ‘I am’ with his ‘I am’.


Then spontaneously there arises the authority

to project and

to take and

to pour into her all that I am,

to give myself to her,

to her who comes to me freely;

to emit into her

to give her what is most intimate and sensitive to me, my essence,

so that nothing is left,

as though I become nothing any more

except to be constantly a source of emission, an unending stream.

This is the supreme power, the ultimate authority.


29 December 2017, Friday, 9.00 am

I don’t want you to call me as you did Mary, in the garden near the tomb.

I don’t want you to call me even by name,

for I have no limiting name;

but you acknowledge me,

you choose me,

you empower me with your person,

you are with me,

you send me,

you are in me,

I am in you,

we are one.

I lose myself in you,

your being is my being.

I am not, you are, and so I am.


30 December, 2017, Saturday, 9.00 am

As I become aware of you, O Hidden One,

I become aware of myself also,

and aware of myself as worthy of you,

who are beyond all,

worthy of you,

of one being with you, with your power and truth.

I stand before you

and as I am aware of myself in this way,

I am the expression of your being and reveal you, the Utterly Transcendent

whom the word ‘God’ hardly names.

And I remain in this double awareness:

of you, the Holy, before whom I bow low, and

of myself as I stand before you, worthy and unworthy.


3 January 2018, Wednesday, 7 am

If I am to be the revelation, it is of the Hidden One.

Thus, there is a dialectic of unknown and known, immanent and transcendent.

It is a dialectic.

The ineffable does not cease to be ineffable.

This dialectic brings about great energy.


6 January 2018, Saturday, 8 am

It is precisely because You are the Hidden One, that there is revelation.

Darkness and light go together.

There is awareness of the Silence because of the Word.

And the Word is of its nature energetic.

The Word is not inept.

From it, Energy pours forth.


14 January 2018, Sunday, 7 am

It requires strength and energy and confidence

to go out into the unknown,

to the known unknown,

with the knowledge of the ‘heart’ or better with the knowledge of faith

which is the knowledge acquired in darkness.

This is great strength and energy and power and assurance

and it bears within itself the goal.


It is difficult or rather not difficult to drop all thought,

all thinking about dropping thought,

to simply stop thinking

or having any consciousness of not thinking.

It is difficult because it means surrendering to the unknown and

to become unknown and to lose the sense of self.

This is difficult because it means abandoning the self,

which the self does not want to do.

It is not difficult because of the courage that has been given to go into the unknown.

It can be called Void and so one becomes void.

This is possible because I trust and

the reason for trust is the peace and joy than wells up at this time.

It not a matter of proof but of taste, rasa.

“Taste and see that [it] is good” to act thus.

And by a reverse movement there is the wish to enter into maithuna,

to enter into knowledge in the Biblical sense of the word ‘know’.

It is in the kaulaknowledge, the union of knower and known.

The knower projects the known and this is felt physically, sexually.

But the known is not a something but a someone who is free and elusive,

always to be known, touching and withdrawing, revealing and hiding, free, enticing, giving herself in knowledge and drawing on to further knowledge,

giving the chase.

And in all this I remain confident of the catch,

secure in knowing that I will know her even more.

She remains free, she must be free, she is desirable because she is free.

She is seen in her person because she is free.

You are worshipped because you are free.

Yet you are mine.

You touch me in my breath, in the mantra.

You touch and I hold. Then you move. It is the play.



16 January 2018, Tuesday, 8.30 am

It is precisely because you are there,

present, wonderful, mysterious, beyond all knowledge,

that I can let myself go and abandon all thought, all attachment,

and go into the Void that is You, O Beyond the beyond.

It is precisely because I am one with you

that there comes the sense of power and authority, assurance and confidence,

the peace and forthrightness.

I am absorbed with pleasure into your ‘I am’, you who are greater than all.


18 January, 2018 Thursday 7.45 am

It is a delight to be absorbed into you,

so that my real essence is your I am, and I am your expression.

The experience of such acknowledgement is wonderful, liberating, enlivening,

to be of one mind and heart and being,

yet a distinct person, you the greater, I the less.

I know your mind, I have your mind, I am your mind.


23 January 2018, Tuesday, 6 am

There is a deep desire to be reborn, to curl up and enter into …. what?

And then to be made anew and to come out as the person I really am.

Into whom or what shall I enter?

Into the world of men and come out a man,

with the unity of knowledge and will and action, free and with authority.

It means abandoning the immaturity that has dominated for so long.

It means assenting to the new person that is becoming apparent.

It is a change of heart; assenting to the true man that is becoming apparent in me.

What follows? What work is to be done?

It is to project the Goddess and enter into union in her who comes to me.

This was done this morning by reciting her mantra, her phonic form,

and entering into union with her in that form,

an experience that is delightful, fantastic.

And then I go into the depths, beyond knowledge.


24 January, 2018, Wednesday, 7 am

I will be as nothing before the Void, You Who Are,

and so, I am in your presence and bend low,



9 July, 2018, Monday, 7 am

There is the experience of worshipping the supreme One,

of being towards Him, of being in his presence.

Then comes the sense of being one with the One,

indeed of having the same substance, being of the same substance.

Then there is the sense of the inherent energy and power of this being so.

Then comes the sense of one coming to me, she who arises spontaneously,

who wishes to be with me precisely because I am one with the One.

I do not abandon this sense.

Indeed, there is the double sense of firstly of being one with the One

and then of being in union with the one who is attracted to me

because I am one with the One.

And it is her that I serve, and I give myself to her.

This is the essence of my being.


10 July, 2018, Tuesday, 8.22 am

There is the movement, the opening of the mind, the awareness,

the realization of being one with the One, being present to the Presence.

But it is the awareness of an original union, of which for a while I was unaware.

This change in awareness does not represent a change in being, but a realization of being, a recognition that I am from the outset at one with He Who is,

and then that I am of the same substance.

Is this excessive?

No, since being is participation in Being, although, as is well known,

the One is not a member of a class of ‘being’,

is not one being among many beings.


27 July, 2018, Friday, 7.30am

There is the self-awareness or sense of one’s power

which is also that of the group of the males.

From me and them this power is projected;

it seeks its object and that is the feminine,

the field and means of one’s exercise of power.

This feminine is first established, it takes form, is real.

It is also a gift received, it is a gift that is taken and made.

Then there is the act of imparting it to her ….


She wants me because I am the expression the Ineffable.

She wants me to be more and more the expression of the Ineffable.

Therefore, she arouses me,

because that aroused state expresses more fully the One who is beyond words.

But she delights in me as me, not just as the means ….


6 August, 2018, Monday, 7.30 am

The finite and the infinite, the ‘here’ and the transcendent are not disconnected.

‘God created the world.’

But in another approach, by another orientation

the world leads to the ‘Beyond the world’.

The world is open-ended. It has a natural proclivity to the endless.

The world is no longer seen as a product so much as a path.

It is not static but dynamic.


So, I want to be with You,

but not as someone who was not with You from the beginning.

I want to come to know, not that I have come to be with You,

but that I am with You from the beginning.

In this knowledge I dwell, knowing that I am with You and that I share your being.

I am ever with you.

And I dwell here in peace, present to the Presence.


This moment of self-knowledge – an eternal moment – is full of life.

Self-knowledge leads to expansiveness; it has energy; it wishes to pour out.



Therefore, even as I am aware of the Presence,

I am outward looking.

I am present to the Presence; I am present to the One and

therefore present to the Other who springs from me.

And the experience of being present to the Other is profoundly sexual.

The Other is Eve springing from Adam.


Self-approval is approval from the Above.

His approval has dynamism; it sends; it invigorates;

it opens up all possibilities; it empowers; it justifies.

Self-knowledge involves knowledge of the Ineffable.

Self-approval is an approval made by the self;

but it is made by means of the approval by the Beyond.

There is double knowledge, double approval, which are one.

Approval is the ratification of knowledge.


2 September, 2018, Sunday, 4.30 am

The Ineffable, precisely because it is ineffable, is super-eminently male and femal,

Neither male nor female, beyond male and female.

This is because male and female are irreducible one to the other.

Their complementarity is beyond words.

More to say here …..


11 September, 2018, Tuesday, 8 am

I rest upon the Void, the One who is ineffable in every way,

Who Is in a manner I do not know.

And I am like Śiva – supported upon the void –

and precisely because of that, She arises spontaneously, sexually.

There are three: me, the One, She,

and I am in intercourse with Her.

This is what I had always wanted.

Paradoxically it is only by becoming more ‘unaware’, ‘in sleep’,

that the Goddess arises more fully.

It is in death that life appears.

For this reason, Mary must be at the cross.


17 September, 2018, Monday, 7.30 am

The Spirit draws me into the darkness, the beautiful darkness,

by a beautiful impulse,

there to see the One who is more truly ‘I’.

And then ‘I ‘fades by comparison – there is no comparison.

There, to dwell, to be one with the One.

It is not of my doing.

I am drawn, as into an abyss,

relaxing, falling, down and down,

into the sleep of fullest knowledge of the Fullest.

There to go to the base, through to the edge,

to the beginning, the utter limit,

to the nothing of out of which all arises, the ‘nothing’, ‘no-thing’.

There is no understanding now, no willing, no action.

The word ‘God’ does not appeal any more.

In the Presence, all names and descriptions lose their impact.

Those words are lost in the dark.

Beyond the beyond, beyond consciousness,

into the sleep where we are aware.

The true awareness occurs in unawareness.


19 September, 2018, Wednesday, 7.30 am

My technique in meditation is,

after adopting an appropriate physical posture – usually the ‘tailor pose’ –

to follow the promptings of inspiration, the guidance of the Spirit.

She will lead me.

If a mantra is taken up, it is because of the promptings, the inclinations of the heart.

For I want to see her, to meet her, to see her dance.


27 October, 2018, Saturday, 6.30 am

It is necessary to abandon the language of substances and objects and to think in terms of expression and mantras. There is the supreme mantra which gives rise to and is present in all mantras. All mantras are expression of the mantra which itself is the self-revelation of the One Who Is. The mantras when properly perceived are completely one with the One.


However, it is possible to perceive this because the supreme mantra shows itself in the incarnation. Only with this knowledge can the other mantras know what is their true nature. The supreme mantra knows that all mantras are its expression and becomes them so that they know who they are ready. The language of adoption is revised in the sense that the supreme mantra is the natural self-revelation of the Self while the other mantras are the play of the supreme mantra, wanted, enjoyed, chosen.


30 October, 2018, Tuesday, 7.24 am

My very awareness of the One Who Is is an aspect of his self-revelation.

In other words, my awareness is an aspect of the Word.

It is this Word that is expressed fully in the life, death, resurrection and ascension,

in the journey of the Word who is emptied and raised on high.

Thus, is there is no opposition between the Word and the experience of the Word

except by misunderstanding and objectifying the Word.

Essentially, I am the awareness, the self-awareness.

Essentially, I am the Word, an expression of the Expression.

My difference and identity are established in his way.


11 November, 2018, Sunday, 6 am

When I am focused on You Who Are,

in union with you,

dwelling in awareness of your holiness,

there arises another awareness,

of She who comes to me,

who arises spontaneously,

and comes to me

and arouses in me another awareness,

another fullness which is sexual in character,

as She re-creates me and makes me be who I am.

It is comparable to the Śakti who dances on the recumbent form of Śiva.

So, I am aware of You in your holiness

and of Her in her beauty

and of myself in power.


12 November, 2018, Monday, 7.50 am

There is the sense of the apogee of the ascension,

of being seated at the right hand of the Father,

in union with the Spirit seen in terms of consort.

This is the ultimate state of spiritual awareness,

and has its overflow onto the creation and re-creation of the world.


  • November, 2018, Tuesday, 7.50 am

The question arises: why should I be interested in You Who Are?

– but You are there; and I worship. I am in your presence.

You are holy, beyond all knowledge, beyond all control – and that is wonderful.

There is wonder.

The question does have an answer because there is no purpose beyond You.


  • November, 2018, Thursday 7.30 am

I rejoice to be silent with You, who are beyond all names and forms,

not in the manner of a child with its mother, dependent and temporary,

but with maturity of consciousness, calm and eternal, still, without effort,

acknowledging your supremacy,

for I am with You, in your presence

– it would be inaccurate and even arrogant to say that you are in my presence.

It is then that the further consciousness arises …


  • November, 2018, Thursday 8.00 am

At first there is the sense of close union of breath and the mantra

– I can feel her breath within mine, and her mantra occupies my word.

It is even as though our eyes meet and I penetrate deeply into hers.

But this shifts,

and a sense of radiance, radiant energy, is pouring out of me universally.

It is her, but is not so clearly sensed to be her.

The particular has become universal, the universal Śakti.


.17 November, 2018, Saturday 7 am

At first the meditation is simply to be calm, refreshing, without movement;

but then the energy arises;

the body takes on a better posture and the sense of authority arises,

the energy to make and break.

The sense of authority and clarity is so pleasing.

Then there also the appearance of the Śakti and

the wish to penetrate her, to communicate, to receive,

so that I am perfectly still

and from me to her the flows the gift,

and we stay in relationship.

The concentration on the Goddess is a communication.

And her presence empowers me to communicate.


.22 November 2018, Thursday, 7 am

It is a search for the calm that comes only with complete authority,

moving into the desert beyond the tumult of the present.

I am searching for something better because I already know it.

It is a knowledge that does not come from the tumult,

but occurs in the context of the tumult.

My response not Buddhism which acknowledges that all is suffering,

and that the solution is in a magnificent emptiness.

My response goes further.

It does involve leaving, like Abraham who leaves all he knows.

I cannot be drawn to less than I am,

since this is precisely why I left the tumult

– it was less than I am and did not satisfy or extend or relate to me;

it was foreign and alien.

I am drawn to greater than I am, more real, more true, more personal.


.23 November 2018, Friday, 7.50 am

I start not with the idea but with the feeling.

The idea has instructed me,

but what is the emotion, the enlightenment that spontaneously occurs?

This is the work of the Spirit when it is an opening or mind and heart.

Therefore, spiritual discernment is at the heart of spiritual theology.


20 December 2018, Thursday, 7.30 am

The presence to the One Who Is differs from the presence we have to each other,

O Goddess,

for it is the presence of equals, a presence of difference, a presence of complementarity.

It is into this presence, each present to the other that we proceed,

exponentially and forever, wonder upon wonder.

And the intercourse is first felt in the breath,

as I receive you freely and you receive me, communicating our breath,

fully feeling each other’s choice within our breath.

But then it expands so that my flesh begins to feel you bodily,

as we are united,

present to each other bodily.

And this union changes and increases and differentiates continually in ever new ways

as we explore each other.

And as we go deeper and beyond thought,

the One becomes evidently present.

The One is present when we are one.

As we become present to each other, we enter into His Presence.



5 January 2019, Saturday 4.20 am

The more there is the awareness of the One – You – who are beyond all,

beyond all knowledge, beyond all definition,

the more there is the sense of energy, the sense of self in union with śakti.

This thought ‘solves’ the issue I have had for a long time

about seeing how You can be understood in terms of maithuna,

how the maithuna– of me and śakti – is an image of You.


26 January, 2019, Saturday, 6.30 am

The act of letting go, of entering into stillness, of letting thoughts vanish

of entering in darkness with no ambition or desire,

of entering into silence at every level:

this is possible only by means of faith, of trust, of deepest awareness,

not from despair or anxiety or disgust,

but from a most profound intuition.

Then from this intuition, the knowledge of the living God arises.


29 January 2019, Tuesday 5 am       Colombo, Sri Lanka

The moment comes when, spontaneously, not of one’s own willing but at the sight or the idea of the beautiful woman or couple in union, there is the desire for intercourse. This is a powerful impulse; but at that same moment there comes the wish to shift the impulse, to reorient it, not to go down the path of actual intercourse and emission. The restraint itself is spontaneous and instinctive. In that double impulse of desire and restraint, another awareness arises. This new awareness leads to different sense of intercourse and sexual union which is not less pleasant or less powerful, but more so; it is deeper, more involving, more intense, with an awareness of authority and effectiveness, but on a different level, not dissipating or necessarily time-bound as is physical intercourse. All this can take place spontaneously and naturally because, as it becomes evident, there was in fact that aim and intention from the outset. There was and is in me the desire, the intention, the very state of eternal intercourse which is the essence of things. The experience of the impulse toward intercourse, an impulse which is natural, and its restraint, awakens the awareness which lay hidden and subconscious. Thus the ‘lesser’ awakening arouses the ‘higher’ awakening as they fuse into one.


1 February 2019, Friday, at about 6 am

Although there is intense pleasure which radiates around the body, there is also a sense that it is not sufficient. It is time-bound and will lead to its own exhaustion, its emission and sending off to another time, to another generation. At this point of intense pleasure there is not the rejection of it, not its suppression but its surpassing. The focus of attention shifts. I can do so because at the moment of intense pleasure a ‘door’ opens, another awareness floods in, a higher awareness, a mystery also, an avenue to be explored. Thus, while the pleasure does continue, it can in fact continue because the attention is no longer focused on it; the focus of attention is directed into the new awareness. It is not a question of suppressing either of them, nor of equiperating them, but of allowing both to continue, in fact one enhancing the other, the ‘lower’ being the condition of the higher, the higher being grateful to the lower. The attention on the higher leads to a sense of divinity.


15 February 2019, Wednesday 5.45am        Tiruvannamalai

The ultimate obedience is absorption. This obedience to the I am is to abandon the particular ego and to be the I am. This absorption is one of nature, not of person. That is to say, the obedience does not cease, therefore the obedience is of one to the other so that one is left aside and the other remains. There is no competition. There is no thought, no idea, no comprehension. There is only the one I am, in complete victory. The awareness of presence of one to the other also disappears, when this implies a duality. The absorption is the highest maturity, the highest dignity and status. It occurs in complete silence. Again, it must be said, the obedience continues. It is lasting and does not cease. This obedience means no only that there is one mind and heart, one substance and being, but also there is one God. This unity is manifest in Trinity.


God’s mind is I am. To have the mind of God is to know I am. Yet there is this obedience. It is the highest maturity, the fullness of Sonship. It is the fullness of I am, of monotheism. It is not ‘we are’ which would be polytheism. The obedience is not a humiliation such that I am nothing, irrelevant, submissive. It is the obedience which allows one to say I am with the fullness of the divine I am. There is only one I am.

The obedience is dynamic, it is a movement, an eternal orientation. It is not static but neither is it inconstant, imperfect and in need of amelioration. It is vibrant and energetic.

The I am is also energetic. It is self-aware, but not introverted. I know that I am but this is not solipsistic. It is outgoing, beneficent generous and generative.

I wanted no human guru to whom I could pledge obedience, for I wanted only the divine guru, the One Who Is, whose disciple I would be.


16 February, 2019, Saturday, 4 am

  1. In the contemplating, in the union, the Beyond is known, of whom they are the expression.
  2. Still, reliable, clear, true, trustworthy, powerful, penetrating.
  3. Indomitable, arousing, enticing, mysterious, surprising, wonderful, energizing, fascinating, graceful, beautiful, uncontrollable, spontaneous, inviting.


26 February, 2019, Tuesday, 6 am

This creation can be understood not just as a product, as a created thing, in the manner of a pot made by the potter, but as an act of knowledge, of self-knowledge, of revelation. This world is God knowing himself.

The Second is the First knowing himself. The Second is the self-knowledge of the First. He is knowledge with reference to the Self,  πρὸς τὸν θεόν. The activity of the First is not productivity but knowing. The result is not a thing but knowledge. Furthermore, it is not an object but a subject.

I am the revelation of what you are. I cannot therefore ask the question, that I very often asked, ‘what are you like’, except to get the answer that I am what you are. There is distinction between ‘I’ and ‘you’, but identity of ‘what’. The ‘what’ is derived from you, for you are the Father of all.

In my reality I am the manifestation of your transcendent being. In myself I am the revelation of your self. I know this, but the focus is not on myself; it is on your presence which cannot be contained.

Your self-knowing is dynamic in the sense that it occurs. In classical language, it proceeds. It is on-going. Therefore, “glorify yourself”, ‘thy kingdom come”.

Your Son is your revelation in eternity; this world is your revelation in time. It is on-going. Evolution is revelation. So, when I pray for something, it is in accord with your on-going revelation. It is not ‘twisting your arm’ or a pleading against an unjust judge. Rather, my prayer is the union with your outpouring.

My role is to be your revelation. I accept my role. I rejoice in my role: to be the manifestation of your being. Our relationship is intimate, we are inseparable. It is the relationship of knower and known. I am your knowledge. I am to you, and you are to me but differently. My self-knowledge is your knowledge of yourself.

But I can direct your will. I am ‘steward of your property’. Being one with your will – since I am also your will, as well as your knowledge – I can will. But now we move into the realm of the Spirit, infinite possibility and opportunity.


5 March 2019, Tuesday 17.45 pm

Rāmana speaks about the Self, about knowing the Self with a knowledge beyond the mind. He speaks of his realization that he is essentially, at the most interior dimension of his being, quite simply the Self. This idea can be brought in contact with the statement in I Corinthians 15 about all, even Christ himself, being subject to the One. This is the because the One is the source of all. All must be brought not only into harmony with the One, but in essence is absorbed into the One from whom all proceeds. Emanation and re-absorption imply each other. Therefore, the Christian loses his sense of self, the Christ too loses his sense of self, meaning that he acknowledges that he proceeds from the Father. His inmost reality is from the Father. In his inmost state he is essentially absorbed in God. For this reason, Christianity is monotheistic. At the very beginning there is the Father. While creation is a free act of a generous God, the procession of the Son is the self-awareness of the Self. The supremacy of God is found in the elimination of all else. All else is a figment, unsubstantial.

The absorption is a moment of forgetting, of disappearance of distraction. It is the deepest sleep.

This is the more possible because when the ultimate is known as Love rather than as Self, Love rather than consciousness, Love rather than attention. We surrender to Love, there is but Love, all springs from Love, all returns to Love.


24 March, 2019, Sunday, 5.30 am

In the impetus that is felt even while dwelling in stillness

there is the sense of authorization.

The impetus is not my will only, but is authorized.

This sense of authorizations gives the impetus added power and legitimacy.

The authorization is due to the One who is author.

There is, therefore, the added perception of the One Who Is,

who is Author of all since my impetus is to all.

The word ‘Author’ seems a better word than ‘Creator’

which now has a technological feel to it.

The Author of all gives me authority so that I am authorized to act.

The Author and the authorization are sensed at the time of action.

My role is maithunawith the goddess.


2 April, 2019, Holy Saturday, 4.30 am

The very act of acknowledging one’s insufficient involves, as a rebound, knowledge of the Supreme. However, the acknowledgment of insufficiency was preceded, though sub-consciously, by the knowledge of the Supreme. The subconscious knowledge of the one led to the conscious knowledge of the other and, by rebound, to knowledge of the Supreme.

This in turn led to a union, a union in obedience.

Where did the sub-conscious knowledge come from? Not from my will, but spontaneously, as a gift, from grace.

This knowledge, this awareness is so liberating, from the limited to the Unlimited. And I bow down in worship not as to One separate or ‘over there’ but as to One with whom – not with what! – I am united, of one being. To say anything other than ‘of one being’ would be produce a separation that is intolerable and simply is not the case.

This is all true, but it shifts substantially when the Word comes to me. Before that, the situation was, shall we say, ‘abstract’, real but inexplicit, in principle, known but somewhat vague. It is made explicit, actual, solid, clear, factual, realized, concrete when it is announced, pronounced, affirmed, acclaimed, told and heard. The earlier obedience is now said, explained, realized. I know what it means and can put it into effect. This is because the Word has come to me, the Word eternal, the Word made flesh.


1 May, 2019, Wednesday, 7.15 am

It is a question of letting go, of opening up, of entry into the void, without thought, without craving, without any idea of a Person, of a God. For it is in abandonment that the Person truly becomes evident. The Person is known above all in emptiness, as One with ‘open arms’, welcoming and therefore eternally faithful and inviting.  The most Personal is known in emptiness, and is best described negatively.

It is precisely because one has attained this union with the Infinite, the Personal, that one can abandon all things. The gift of union comes before the activity of purification from ideas and ambitions. The gift comes in emptiness and leads to emptiness.

On the strength of the opening to the infinitely Open, one can open up to others and in this opening there is an even greater awareness of the Open.


4 May, 2019, Saturday, 5.30 am

I don’t want a burst of enthusiasm to come to me in order for me to come to you, O Father, but I want simply to be in the knowledge of our unity.

There is a profound obedience, an abandonment of self-will and a listening – obaudire – listening to the Word, but above all to the One who speaks. The drive to obedience and to hearing is inspired. This language is more suited to our age than ‘Son’ and ‘adopted son’.

A person cannot be reduced to a set of characteristics, for they have an inalienable transcendence, a freedom that cannot be defined or controlled. One is aware of their unutterable freedom and one bows low before them.


28 May, 2019, Tuesday, 6.15 am

It is not a question of asking from outside, but of perceiving from within the one who is truly worshipping, the true self, apart from the learned and trained self, the spontaneous self who, it cannot be denied, is there worshipping. The conscious self assents to the hidden self now revealed. And who is this truest self? It is the Christ. Ambitions and ideas are abandoned. Then the truest self is perceived because it – the Christ –  is piercing through from within. Yet, the self and the inner self are not opposed; they are related.

Likewise, the eternal śakti comes, and truly comes when she is also from within. There is the inner relationship to the śakti and here one dwells, with the inner, essential, eternal, total śakti to whom there is assent and into whom one’s essence is poured, thus bringing her to the fulness of herself. She brings me to my fulness; I bring her to her fullness. We are complete in each other.


11 June, 2019, Tuesday 5.30 am

As the sense of the transcendent increases, the sense of the self becomes less evident, not disappearing but the ‘I am’ which is eternal becomes the focus. I have the mind of God. The eternal ‘I am’, the source of all, is in focus, not to deny the limited I am but to see ‘I am’ as its source, its essence, its heart,

The One at the burning bush (Ex 3) says ‘I am’. Jesus who is one with the One says ‘I am’. Ultimately there is one ‘I am’. To be one with ‘I am’ means saying I am.

Thus, I am primarily transcendent. This is the big shift, from being primarily of this world, to becoming primarily ‘from above’.

This attitude is maintained in every circumstance. Indeed, it allows me to become more involved, and therefore whole-heartedly and whole-bodiedly involved, and therefore sexually involved with all, and with the Goddess no less, for only she can allow me to be fully involved, for she is all that is. Thus, I am in union with her, and because I am primarily transcending her – as she is primarily transcending me, ever mysterious, ever from above – I have full authority with her, full involvement with her. This is in keeping withTantrāloka29.110b-11a.

And it is said in the Triśirastantra: “He whose interior faculties are set on an unsullied foundation while in the midst of the set of six senses becomes fully absorbed into the abode of Rudra.”

It is so satisfying; it is the state of mind I wished from teenage years to attain, full awareness, full authority, fullness of pleasure.


14 June, 2019, Friday 6.00 am

The individual is ‘atomic’, and in a sense closed and hermetic, but the person is expansive, as the word ‘persona’ suggests. The more an individual becomes personal the more they open up, the more they allow others to entry in and at the same time they enter into others who are personal. This opening increases exponentially. This openness is supremely the case in the One who is most personal and infinitely boundless.

In prayer there is the experience of opening, of going beyond, an experience that is not of the impersonal ‘that’ but of beyond the limitations of the personal, the supremely personal ‘who’.

And so, I dwell in the expanse of spaciousness and freedom and welcome, the holy, the wonder, who is not impersonal but beyond any idea of the personal, emprosethen tou theo(Jn 1:1).


21 June 2019, Friday, 7 am

“You sweep men away like a dream” (Psalm). There I the sense of seeing oneself disappear, losing all substance and reality, being absorbed into the source, knowing that I do not really exist, “that I am merely śaktis”, that the substance is no longer there, being absorbed into nothingness, ‘no-thingness’, no thought, into space, void, which is the most real and from which all comes. The sense of self disappears. The self is no longer. And then I am seen as the outcome of the void, like the big bang that comes from ‘no-where’. And just as the void is not ‘nothing’, not impersonal, it is in fact ‘I am’ in the fullness sense. Therefore at the very origin and base of the limited reality that I am is the real ‘I am’. The limited I am is the expression of the boundless ‘I am’. By ceding to the reality of my own essential insubstantiality, there comes a sudden energy, a profound sense of sexuality. It is ‘Thanatos  Eros’.


7 July, 2019, Sunday 7.00 am

Obedience is such that there is a falling asleep, a falling into oblivion; indeed, the self disappears. It does not matter. There is only one mind and that is the mind of the ‘I am’. The sense of presence disappears if that means one versus the other. This dualism disappears. Yet even so, there is obedience; I am obedient to the ‘I am’. There is only the mind of God.


9 July, 2019, Tuesday, 7.20 am

The energy is infinite that can take me to the infinite. The energy is God who can take me to God. There is obedience to the energy, compliance with, setting my will to the will of the Sprit who takes me to the One who is perfectly personal and therefore perfectly free. The personal is the greatest power, and the greatest freedom is found in the personal.

To you therefore I bow low, and abandon my mind and my person. I am ‘I am’. Therefore, I am ‘I am’ who is all in all. And so, I am and I express myself in union with Śakti. Therefore the ‘I am’ is in union with Śakti. Thus, the ‘I am’ is in maithuna.


5 July, 2019, Monday, 6 am

It is because there is inspiration, because there is the Spirit who is God – for that reason I can be taken beyond all limits into what is Transcendent, beyond the beyond, to the highest Height, to knowledge beyond knowledge. If the Spirit were not God I could not reach the utmost level, and this would be profoundly frustrating. This awareness in complete darkness, in beautiful darkness, shows that the inspiration is indeed God leading to God, God making God lead to God.

Because the First has primacy in all actions, He has primacy in my regard as well, of course. Therefore, I am essentially in Him, with him, from Him. Therefore, my return under inspiration is the realization of what is the case. I am where I belong, I am with Him from whom I come.

There is a shift – at the appearance of Him who is strong, and I realize that he is the one I wish to be, to be like, to identify with. He is who I am, he makes me be whom I am.  I am he; he is me.


Date uncertain, 2019

I am more real by being observed, known, and acknowledged by the One.

First there is the impetus to the One,

Then union with the One, presence, holy, identification.

Then the appearance of the one who reveals me to myself, and who I become.

Then the appearance of the Other.

Then union with the Other as Śiva and Śakti

And this leads to an awareness of the One in a new way.

And I realize the impetus to the One came from the One.


1 August, 2019, Thursday 9 am

The very nature God is sexual and this is expressed in the relationship of Word and Spirit. It is something akin to Eckhart’s ‘God before God’. It is essential that sexuality be seen as divine; not just divinised but as much pertaining to the Ultimate as the one, the true, the good and the beautiful. The Ultimate is also sexual. In this experience of complementarity, a deeper unity is found, which establishes the complementarity and from the complementarity something else arises, some effect which is not to be confused with the source.

I need to shift my thought from the One Who Is, known to me at age 7, to the relationship Word/Spirit and there to find the One. A massive shift. Is it justifiable?



























About interfaithashram

Rev. Dr. John Dupuche is a Roman Catholic Priest, a senior lecturer at MCD University of Divinity, and Honorary Fellow at Australian Catholic University. His doctorate is in Sanskrit in the field of Kashmir Shaivism. He is chair of the Catholic Interfaith Committee of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and has established a pastoral relationship with the parishes of Lilydale and Healesville. He is the author of 'Abhinavagupta: the Kula Ritual as elaborated in chapter 29 of the Tantraloka', 2003; 'Jesus, the Mantra of God', 2005; 'Vers un tantra chrétien' in 2009; translated as 'Towards a Christian Tantra' in 2009. He has written many articles. He travels to India each year. He lives in an interfaith ashram.
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